Fire safety certificate

Fire Safety Certificate – an official document confirming the fact of conformity to all requirements for her safety. In Russia, there is a specific list of goods (Federal Law number 123 of 22.iyulya 2008, Article 146), which necessarily must draw fire certificate of conformity. If the product does not appear in the list, can be issued a certificate of fire safety compliance on a voluntary basis. The procedure for obtaining voluntary instrument is virtually identical to the process of registration of mandatory fire certificate. Many manufacturers prefer to make a voluntary fire safety certificate for a competitive advantage for their products.

 Algorithm fire certification

Certification of fire safety is carried out on the territory of the Russian state in compliance with the technical regulations. To obtain such a document as a fire certificate of conformity to the certification body with accreditation in Emergency Ministry to lodge certain documents. It may consist of a different number of securities, depending on the product group. However, there are a number of mandatory documents:

Specifications for the products;
Founding and registration documents;
Technical documentation for the goods (drawings, passport, or a description of the construction unit).
May require additional proof of ownership of production space, or lease agreements for these facilities, codes statistics, details of the applicant.

 Following the filing of documents, the certification body conducting an assessment of fire safety products, performs sampling of the goods. The results of the event should be fixed in the act of sampling. Then all of the collected samples are tested in laboratories for accreditation. After research in the protocol is the basis for the issuance of the fire certificate. If the selected certification provides verification of production, and the procedure is performed. After doing all the above measures (if positive studies), the applicant will receive a certificate of fire safety compliance.

 Note of test results

The whole procedure of fire certification is quite expensive. Occupy a large share of the cost is the test samples. Depending on the complexity of the product is determined by the methods of research, and therefore the cost of the examination. During the procedure, products tested by the following characteristics:

flame speed;
allocation of production of toxic substances during combustion;
oxygen consumption during combustion.
All of these characteristics and the extent of their compliance necessarily reflected in the test report. Despite the fact that such data are reflected in the fire certificate, their presence in the protocol as necessary.

When checking the fire safety of products or a single product consignment, inspection of production is required. You can do without the expertise of production, if the manufacturer issued a certificate of conformity to ISO 9001.

Term of registration of a document such as a fire certificate of compliance, depending on the product, the need to verify the production and implementation of the tests.



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