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The main component of the successful business on the today’s Russian market is proving to the potential consumer the highest quality of your products. As a result is the strong competition which you can see practically in each sphere of manufacture.

The evaluation of conformity to the national and international standards is the mandatory procedure  in all countries for many kinds of manufactured goods and processes. It is not only due to the recent trends, but first of all, it is a care of consumers and the method preventing the low quality and dangerous goods from coming to the Russian market.  The role of obstacles in the given process in Russia is played by the bodies of certification of production, production, certification of cervices and certification centers performing their activities within the frameworks of the Russian Legislation.

At the given moment, the best proving of safety and quality of production is issuing the Certificate of Conformity or the Declaration within the frameworks of Russian GOST Certification System that may be received on the mandatory and the voluntary base in the certification center. They become the documentary and the most real and persuading proving the fact the production conforms to all the existing standards in the Russian GOST certification.

Going through the procedure of certification or declaration you automatically increase your production competitiveness.

 If your production is not included into the list that means receiving the mandatory certificate of conformity, the certification center “Rostest” may issue the certificate on the voluntary base. In case of receiving the certificate of conformity on the voluntary base it is you who may chose the tests that your product samples will go through. Our specialists will help you which characteristics of your goods it is better to emphasize in order to increase their competitiveness. In case you don’t plan receiving the certificate of conformity within the Russian GOST certification for the product that does not need mandatory certification, we can help you to write the Letter of refusal for trade.

 The certification center “Rostest” is ready to solve all the tasks for certification within the frameworks of any required system. We are ready to do our best in order to make it easier for you to receive the documents proving quality of your production. You can also get free consultations from the specialists of our center.

Our advantages:

1. We have our own accredited certification bodies:

Аттестат аккредитации скан ЕАСаттестат Оптиматест

2. We have more than 15 branches throughout Russia;
3. There are qualified specialists fluent in English and French in each branch.

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