The usage from Rostechnadzor

Until recently, Russia had such a document as the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (SEZ). It is the existence of such a document certifying the sanitary-epidemiological and health-related items.

Since he came into force union: This document has been canceled. Now confirmation health product safety is a certificate of registration.

After the cancellation of SEZ was revised list of goods subject to confirmation hygiene product conformity. Many kinds of products have been excluded from this list. However, many manufacturers are planning to participate in tenders and wish to confirm the safety of its products, from the position of the sanitary-epidemiological norms. The reason is that, without confirming the quality and safety of product documentation, the company is unlikely to be able to produce high-risk products transportation by rail and get a lucrative state contract.

In this case, to resolve the situation can Expert opinion Rospotrebnadzor. This document can only be obtained on a voluntary basis. Expert opinion can arrange in Rospotrebnadzor and its regional offices. The document is of unlimited duration and is active in all of the Customs Union.

 In general, the process of obtaining the opinion of the procedure is identical to the design of SEZ. It is important to note that the applicant’s role in the layout of the document may only Russian company. Even in the case where the design of the paper is on the foreign manufacturer, initiated execution of a document to be a Russian company, which will be inscribed in the expert report.

This document, as expert opinion, can be filled only once will be made all laboratory tests of samples of products, and if the results are positive. Expert opinion confirms the fact that the products meet all sanitary and epidemiological and hygienic requirements.

It is mandatory expert report Rospotrebnadzor includes the following information:

time and place of peer review;
information about the expert or expert committee conducting the examination, as well as the identity of the authority of the expert evaluation;
the basis for the peer review.
Why draw expert opinion?

 It has become quite a popular instrument expert opinion Rospotrebnadzor, despite the fact that it is made on a voluntary basis. This is due to the fact that the companies that sell their products, their preference is given to products that are available in the documentation of the safety and quality of products. The result is that expert opinion may increase the competitiveness of the organization and thus increase profits.



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