Customs Union State Registration Certificate

Customs Union State Registration certificate is valid throughout the Customs Union. State Registration certificate is a document, which confirms product’s safety for human health.

Customs Union State Registration Certificate

The Certificate of state registration has replaced the Certificate of the state hygienic registration (Hygienic Certificates are no longer available since the 2010). The Certificate of state registration is required for the products, which can affect the health and lives of citizens, or the environment.

The list of goods for state registration has declined significantly and State registration certificate is required for the following types of products:

  • household chemical products;
  • medical supplies;
  • cosmetics;
  • personal care items;
  • goods and food for children,
  • dietary supplements etc.

There is no voluntary option for obtaining the State Registration certificate. If you need documentary evidence of hygienic goods compliance, there is an option to order expert opinion. Presence of State Registration certificate is essential for the export of controlled goods to the territory of the Customs Union.

Certificate for goods produced in Russia

Primarily to get State Registration certificate for goods, which are made in Russia, you should contact certification centre. The following documents for application are required:

  • normative documentation;
  • manufacturer’s registration documents;
  • application;
  • contract on industrial premises or papers proving ownership.

Normative documents can be either GOST or Technical conditions. If goods are made according to GOST, the application must contain a specific standard. If goods are made according to Technical conditions, a copy of these documents should be provided.

Certification of imported goods

CU State Registration certificate can be issued for manufacturer or declarant.

To obtain a certificate for goods from foreign manufacturers, you must apply to the Certification Centre and have the following documents:

  • application for the procedure of state registration;
  • certificate of quality;
  • description of the goods.

To obtain a State Registration certificate for the declarant you must provide the following documents:

  • application for the procedure of state registration;
  • description of goods (composition, scope);
  • copies of registration documents;
  • copy of the contract.

In addition, if State Registration certificate was obtained for the declarant, the importer company has the right to certify copies of the document. If the certificate is issued to the foreign manufacturer only a notary may certify copies of document.

Term of registration of the State Registration certificate after receiving full document package usually is no longer than 21 working days, but there might be exceptions depending on a product description.



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