Rostest – Leader of Certification

Rostest - Russian official certification of products and services, certification and testing for the Russian and foreign manufacturers, exporters and distributors. Conformity assessment carried out here the actual characteristics of goods of national standards and state standards, the so-called certification Rostest, resulting certificate of compliance and security declaration for the products. The company has:

qualified specialists in various fields of economic activity, with special knowledge, skills and tolerances (Certificate) to conduct work on conformity assessment in the form of certificates of conformity (Russia) or declarations for compliance; accredited certification bodies, conformity to the requirements of GOST (Russian standards developed under socialism), technical regulations of the Customs Union of Russia and other regulations in many fields and industries; network of regional certification, distributed throughout the country, but with centralized management and unified access to corporate resources, so it is possible to obtain equivalent certificate in Moscow, CA St. Petersburg, the Urals CA, Nizhny Novgorod CA (possible certification Kazan, Yekaterinburg certification , Chelyabinsk certification, certification in Novosibirsk and other cities of the Russian Federation). significant experience working with foreign manufacturers in various fields of industrial activity, and foreign importers, distributors All of this has enabled the center of examination and certification in the RF gain unutterable authority in Russia. In Russia, the "certificate Rostest" guarantee not only good-quality independent trials, but actual security center Rostest certified products.

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