Certificate/permit to use for sampling probes

FRONTIERE (FRANCE, 21 июня 2013)


We sell sampling probes for the oil and gas sector.
Our products are out of the scope of the directive ATEX/94/9EC but are installed on oil & gas facilities and are under pressure.
We have a GOST-R certificate (voluntary). Do we need the permit to use? A customer talked about the CCTR which replaces the RTN and the GOST.
Could you help me to clarify what is really needed?
Thank you

Irina, ,

Dear Fabienne,

you're fully right. Since 15/02/2013 New Technical Regulations on Customs Union (CU TR) came into force. Conformity certificate of CU TR substitutes Rostechnadzor permit to use. For more clarification please send us specification/technical informaton of your product, HS (customs) code. Basing on this data we can provide you details on necessity of obtaining any certificate and details of procedure.

Best regards,


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