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Elisabeth (Stockholm, 24 august 2012)

Vilka certificat eller standarder enligt GOST måste uppfyllas för en electrisk product om man vill exportera till Ryssland? Produkten innehåller ingen aktiv elektronik (ej EMC-krav), ingen fast strömkälla eller batteri, men faller nart under RoHS direktivet.

Irina, CC «Rostest», +7 (343) 300-93-46,

Dear Elisabeth,

We need the product description for analysing and defining what norms/requirements it must meet.
Do you have specification/manual/craft/photo? Do you know HS code (customs code) for your product?

Please, send us full information that you have . After that we can infrom you about GOST certification,costs, details.

We’re glad to assist you in GOST homologation questions.